Monday, September 27, 2004

Eagles dominate

We couldnt hold back Donovan McNabb yesterday and I am dissappointed. Roy Williams played spectacularly but he was the only one really making big plays. It also didn't make up for the 356 yards the Eagles threw for. We really need to pick up the pace if we want to have a chance this year. We are looking pretty good right now but we need to start stepping up against teams like the Eagles. I know we have the talent this year and we can do this. Lets sweep this one under the rug and get ready for the Falcons. Once we start relying less on Williams for our whole offense, we will really start getting those wins. Lets get the Falcons!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

broken success

During season opener against the Bears , everything was going well, until WR Charles Rodgers rebroke his collar bone and he is now out for the season. He was doing well after breaking it last year as well but he couldnt seem to get away from the dark monster of broken bones. He was one of the key roles in our offense but we will have to somehow make it out to conquer just another challenge. Lets get ourselves out of this whole Lions and win another one! GO LIONS!

Monday, September 06, 2004


The following palyers were cut for the 53 player limit:
Reggie Swinton, David Kircus, Stephen Trejo, Avon Cobourne, Andrew Battle, Michael Young.
Our preformance during the preseason was about the same as all the other teams in the NFL since all the teams were playing 2nd and 3rd team players to see who to cut and who not to cut. So lets see if we can't play better during the season and win us a new trophy this year. Go Lions!