Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Lions Updates

- from FOXSports.com

ACTION PLAN: If the team's free agent strategy is successful, the Lions could meet with less than a half-dozen players because they're targeting a small, select group of athletes. Because they'll likely re-sign most of their own free agents, Detroit is looking at five key positions: three starters and two backups. Most importantly, the Lions need to solidify their offensive line and find a quality left guard and right tackle (if McDougle, as expected, enters free agency). Detroit is on the verge of having an explosive offense, but it won't go anywhere without good blocking and protection. Because of other needs, the Lions won't be able to afford two high-priced linemen and will opt to spend most of their money at tackle. . . .

The most vital position on defense for Detroit is strong safety, and the Lions' No. 1 target is Donovin Darius, if he isn't assigned the franchise tag. The Lions aren't likely to give up anything in a trade because they value their draft picks too much. . . .

The two backup positions are important because of the potential of playing time. At receiver, where the Lions already have Roy Williams and Charles Rogers, the Lions are looking for an experienced player for three-receiver sets and as a solid backup because both Williams and Rogers have been banged up in their short careers. The Lions could surprise some people by going after players such as David Givens, Corey Bradford and David Patten. The quarterback position will immediately spark controversy because the Lions want to bring in a player who has the ability to beat out Joey Harrington for the starting job. Players who could be on Detroit's short list include Drew Brees, Kurt Warner and Kelly Holcomb. . . .

The Lions have already done an excellent job of re-signing their own free agents. Pro Bowl-caliber Shaun Rogers, who would've been tagged as a franchise player, signed a long-term deal the day before the regular season ended. The Lions also added key contributors such as linebacker Donte Curry and punter Nick Harris.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Roy Williams

Roy Williams, who has just completed his rookie season, is going to become an important part of the Lions’ offense. Playing as wide receiver, his stats for the previous year are as follows: 54 receptions, 817 yards, and 8 touchdowns. He is still a very youthful player.

This is Roy Williams’ first year out of college ball. He is blooming into a great player, but needs time to prove himself in the majors. The difference must be insane, going from just playing with many people who may or may not make it all the way to the pros to playing with men who know the game inside and out.

I still see potential in him and not only because of my burnt orange blood. He was put out most of the season with a broken ankle; surgery has not yet been decided upon. Williams will shine in this upcoming season.