Thursday, May 26, 2005

Team Report:

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One area where the Lions should be much improved defensively is in nickel situations where Boss Bailey, who was injured all of last season, will line up at linebacker with Alex Lewis. Bailey will replace Teddy Lehman, who did a decent job, but doesn't have Bailey's speed, instinct for playing zone coverage and playmaking ability. Lewis also has excellent speed and has a good knack of when, and how far, to drop. Both players need to improve in one-on-one coverage, but they only have one year of experience each, so that should improve with more playing time. Lewis has shown some pass-rush ability, but he's undersized and can get knocked off track too easily. Look for the Lions to spend more time with Bailey in pass-rushing drills. . . .

The Lions are still looking for candidates to back up Pro Bowl return specialist Eddie Drummond. Free-agent receiver Kevin Johnson is currently slated as the No. 2 punt returner, but neither the team nor Johnson wants to see that going into the regular season. The backup kick returner right now would likely be Shawn Bryson, who is solid but doesn't have enough burst to be a significant threat.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

College Hall of Fame

A former Detroit Lion is being honored in the College Football Hall of Fame. Former Detroit Lions offensive tackle/guard Keith Dorney (1979-87) originally came from Penn State. He will be officially added to the Hall in South Bend, Ind. in August 2006. His induction will take place in New York on December 6th.

“I was thrilled when I was notified. I really wasn't aware of just how special of an honor this is and the company I'll be with. I'm really proud to be a Penn Stater and will accept this honor on behalf of my teammates and our school.”
- Keith Dorney

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Recently, if you check out almost any football team’s website, it seems like everyone’s taking it easy and playing golf. Many teams are hosting their annual invitational tournaments; the Lions will host the Detroit Lions Invitational. Last year with the participation of many fans, the Lions were able to raise $225,000 for Detroit Lions Charities. Not only will the team be participating in a golf outing, but also a bocce ball tournament.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


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Backup quarterback Jeff Garcia raised some eyebrows when, during one practice session, several of his downfield passes came up short. Garcia is being counted on to step in and produce immediately if starter Joey Harrington struggles, but the Lions weren't concerned about Garcia's inconsistency. Mariucci said Garcia, who threw well for the majority of the Lions' minicamp, has a history of flubbing a few here and there in practice, and it's never been a problem. . . .

The addition of offensive coordinator Ted Tollner became evident from the first set of offensive snaps. The Lions are going to do a lot more shifting and motion with the idea of creating defensive mismatches. Even though teams will play a lot of zone against Detroit's three-receiver offense, getting a defender out of position at the start of a play could lead to more big plays downfield.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mike Williams

Detroit Lions wide receiver Mike Williams has been welcomed with open arms to the starting line. He joined the line by being the Lions’ choice at #10 in the first round. It was actually surprising that Williams was not picked up by another team before this. I personally thought that the choice would’ve been used for LB Derrick Johnson, but fattening up our receiving end never is a bad thing. Now, along with Roy Williams and Charles Rogers, Mike Williams comes into the fold to insure that teams will fear the Lions offense.

Williams (20) went to USC but abandoned the school during his sophomore year. After a year of waiting, he entered into the 2005 Draft. One of the most prolific receivers in this year’s draft, he will be a great addition to the Lions.