Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hats off to Harrington

Our spectacular win over the New Orleans Saints on Saturday came at the right time for the Detroit Lions team. Next week's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers could have a great effect on their playoff chances and would be a nice win for us to end the season with. Joey Harrington is being really positive about the upcoming match up and claims that he feels fired up about the game despite the fact we are not advancing to the playoffs. His attitude reflects his nobility as a player. Harrington is a good leader and a committed team member who puts forth his best effort no matter what the reward.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rogers Makes Some Big Plays

Our game against the Cincinnati Bengals was challenging and tough and one player shined above the rest. That player was Charles Rogers. He hasn’t really been in the spotlight much since we signed him in 2003. On Sunday he came ready to play and pulled off some plays worthy of much recognition. First he set up a touchdown by catching a 26-yard pass that brought the Lions to the five yard line. Later in the game he made a trip into the end zone on a 35-yard pass from Joey Harrington. Rogers made a good show of it, breaking tackles on the way to scoring the touchdown. Hopefully Rogers’ performance will earn him some more minutes on the field in the end.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Lions Offense Fails Against Packers

The Lions dropped the ball on Sunday in their 16-13 overtime loss to the Green Bay Packers. Jeff Garcia felt very responsible for the offense failing to convert and score. He felt that the offense failed where the defense was succeeding well. We kept the score down but needed to get into the Packers end zone to make any real difference. In the fourth quarter with minutes to go we had the chance to win when we pulled a fourth down quarterback sneak. We failed in this as well and just couldn’t stop the Packers when the game went into overtime.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Viking Interception Seals Lions Fate

The Detroit Lions suffered a 21-16 loss against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. We looked pretty good on the first drive and we scored first with the field goal that ended the opening drive. But on the next Vikings possession they pulled off an eighty yard touchdown pass that won them the lead they would keep for the duration of the game. For every touchdown they scored we answered with a field goal and still had a chance to make a comeback into the fourth quarter. We had the ball with over two minutes to go. The Lions got a few first downs and then Jeff Garcia threw for an interception and just like that the win belonged to the Vikings.