Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lions Home Watching the World Series

This coming Sunday would have been the perfect day to skip football and focus on baseball, not something I do very often. But it is pretty amazing--the St. Louis Rams had a bye week last week, allowing their fans to watch Game 2 of the Series. (Aww, too bad, St. Louis lost.)

I wasn't really hoping to be watching Game 7 on the 29th, but it would be great if the Tigers could be home at Comerica when they win. Now the weather has thrown a monkeywrench into the whole schedule. Game 4 (in St. Louis) got rained out last night and tonight doesn't look any more promising. I don't know how they're going to finish up the Series if the rain keeps dumping.

Sure hope they don't end up playing on Halloween.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Buffalo Bills glad to visit Detroit

The Buffalo Bills must be the happiest people in their town -- because they're not in their town. They're here in Detroit to face off against our Lions at Ford Field tomorrow, not sitting in the dark back in Buffalo. We all live in the snow belt, and we all know how to deal with that. But nobody's ready for it in mid-October. And when the power goes fun!

(I'm hoping for a football game the fans in Buffalo wouldn't want to be watching on TV anyway!)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The apocolypse is near

Proof of this? The Saints won their first two and here we are looking down the barrel of no wins. There is something wrong with that on a very deep level. Its easy for keyboard quarterbacks to assess the right and wrong and point out ppls failures. What seems odd to me is this team obviously has talent yet here we are winless, hopefully Kitna and Roy Williams will give us another show. For those that I haven't gotten back to, the 914 is almost up and running w00t!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Not the Streak the Detroit Lions Want

Four and Oh-oh-oh. This is not what Rod Marinelli was hoping for either. But I say today's game against the Rams at St. Louis showed we Lions can stay in the game. Maybe for only 56, I didn't say that! We caved at the end, but we kept up our end of the see-saw battle, and real close to the end the Lions were up 34-33. That was exciting even if ultimately frustrating.

I'm looking for our breakthrough next week, when we head off to Minnesota to take on the Vikings; they lost today to the Buffalo Bills (17-12), so at 2 and 2, they don't look too scary.