Friday, November 17, 2006

Michigan and Football Have Lost an Icon

I just heard the news of the sudden passing of Bo Schembechler, who will always be the coach I associate with Michigan football. His heart attack was of course untimely, although not completely shocking since he had had bypass surgery and was recently back in the hospital with related problems. But tomorrow is the date of the annual event that continues to conjure up the memory of Bo and his one-time mentor and later arch-rival, Ohio State's Woody Hays.

What a game that is going to be! No matter how either team is doing throughout the football season, anything can happen in this classic rivalry. But in 2006, we will be seeing the nations's top-ranked Buckeyes vs. the #2 Wolverines. Bo, you'll be there in our hearts and memories.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Detroit Lions’ Better-Than-Usual Day

Yesterday was a nice day for an upset. If you were a Detroit Lions fan, not if you were the much-lauded Michael Vick. From the fumble on the first drive, to the interception in the 2nd quarter, both of which ended up with Kevin Jones in the endzone, I loved watching the Atlanta Falcons come unglued. Roy Williams’ TD in the 4th was the capper for me—60 yards and 6 more points.

It’s not like the Falcons were so terrible and the Lions were overpowering. They were just okay—and we were better!